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In 1980, Penmar Management was founded in the Los Angeles, South Bay Area with a focus on developing a property management company built on the ideals of modern scientific management principals as taught by Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol, and the application of those principals in real estate management as introduced by such pioneers as James Downs Jr., CPM© and William Walters Jr. CPM©.

From its beginning, Penmar Management has focused on real estate management and working with its clients to develop their real estate portfolios through strategic management, purchasing, sales, and 1031 exchanges. Unlike other management companies claiming many years of operations, Penmar has never been sold, out of business, had its license limited or revoked, or had an abrupt replacement of management personnel. This has allowed its corporate culture to evolve, and allowed it to retain all the lessons learned through the years.

Extraordinary Systems

The combination of taking a scientific approach to the practice of real estate management and the advantage of being allowed to apply those principals for so long without interruption has provided Penmar Management with the unique opportunity to develop extraordinary systems and procedures to the advantage of its clients. These include:

  • Procedures to protect clients from having tenant nuisance judgments from showing on their credit reports
  • Fast track evictions to reduce the standard time for gaining possession from non-paying tenants from the average of three months to only five weeks
  • Local vendor evaluations providing it with 30 years of data on vendors servicing the industry
  • Systems to defend against allegations of illegal forms of discrimination
  • Systems for defining exactly what is ‘ordinary wear and tear,’ so you will not have to rely on a judge to apply his own definition
  • Systems for combating the ratchet effect caused by city’s restrictions on rental rates
  • Online rent payment offered to your tenants providing you with another market advantage over your competition
  • Free electronic transfer of your monthly income into your own checking or savings account
  • Free web-based listing-placement, that syndicates your vacancy listings, with pictures, to over 100 websites
  • The use of commissioned based listing agents, the only way to maintain aggressive, motivated agents to rent out your vacancies quickly, with the best possible applicants, and at the best rates
  • A rational system for efficiently resolving tenant disputes about security deposit refunds to everyone’s satisfaction, eliminating much of the drama that otherwise could occur

Because we are so confident of your satisfaction, Penmar Management offers you the following:

  • A choice of two kinds of guarantees where we pay you either all or part of any rent your tenants fail to pay
  • No requirement to sign a long term management contract
  • No start up fees